The Silent Battle 

“The Silent Battle” As we travel the country we witness firsthand the struggles of our returning combat veterans coping with post traumatic stress and the
loss of their brothers and sisters in combat and at home.

Survivor guilt, grief and trauma often runs deeper than words. Art reaches the recesses of the heart and creates the connections that
can break the cycle of pain.


Silent Battle was created to recognize the struggles that some veterans have when they return home from service. This battle is real for the veterans and their families. The bronze reminds us that we are not alone in our struggle.


We humbly ask our visitors to charge the sculpture with their loving touch to leave love and healing if they have extra so that those who need it can receive. We also have blank dog tags available for visitors to write the name of their loved one who may be struggling with post traumatic stress. These tags are left with the sculpture and travel with Silent Battle. The bronze is now sitting in a sea of tags.


Recognizing the Veteran is not alone is just the first step towards healing. The next step is to seek help. Many opportunities are available to help facilitate healing. Resources are below. Please reach out. 

Many opportunities are available to help facilitate healing...